Lisa - People of Pearson

"My name is Lisa and I’m a licensed plumber. I’ve been with the GTAA since 2006 but I’ve been in plumbing for over 30 years. A typical day at the airport for me involves fulfilling work orders and responding to service calls throughout the terminals.

Pride Month is very emotional, but it’s about visibility and acceptance. It’s such an important month for everybody in the Pride community. I take my transition in the workplace very seriously because for this to happen, I’m standing on somebody else’s shoulders, and I want somebody else to be able to stand on my shoulders and make it easier for them. It’s all about love and acceptance and being who we are. 

Everybody has their own timeline for their journey. When the time is right for that individual, then that’s the right time. It’s not an easy step, but it’s an important one. 

Two of the most important things are looking after one’s mental health and accepting oneself for who they are. Other important considerations include being an ally and respecting pronouns.

The weight that was lifted off my shoulders when I came out was the greatest feeling. It allowed people to see me for who I am, and that’s a very powerful thing."

- Lisa, plumber, GTAA

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