Shane - People of Pearson

“Growing up in Athabasca, Alberta, one of my earliest childhood memories is going for a ride in a Cessna. I knew immediately that somehow, someway, I was going to fly.

As Swoop's Head of Operations, under my watch are the pilots, flight attendants, our safety program, maintenance program, crew scheduling and our Operational Control Centre. I even manage to get some flying in myself, keeping my skills current and staying in touch with our crews.
I took side jobs and picked up extra work to pay my way through flight school. My first job was as a bush pilot in the Northwest Territories. As my career grew, I moved further south, moving to air ambulance and corporate charters before eventually joining a major regional airline in Calgary.
I’ve always believed in the ultra-low-cost model, because of what it makes possible for passengers. At Swoop, we unbundle everything so that if you don’t want certain extras, you don’t pay for them.
Since 2018, over two million people have flown with us. I bought my own mother a ticket on the first Swoop flight from Edmonton to Hamilton so that she could visit me. We make it possible for people to stay connected who otherwise couldn’t do it and that hits close to home for me.”

- Shane, Head of Flight Operations, Swoop

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