Sundeep - People of Pearson

"I’ve been with Air Canada for fourteen years, but I was always an aviation buff. My dad worked for Gate Gourmet and as a kid I was always on the fence line watching planes. Today, if I’m not at work you can find me on Airport Road with my cameras and binoculars.

We’ve always had high standards to meet when grooming an aircraft. Today, those standards are even higher. COVID-19 has really changed our approach and we’re prepared for a higher level of scrutiny.

My crew of five has a single-minded goal of giving passengers peace of mind. Air Canada aircraft are thoroughly cleaned, top to bottom, left to right. We’re wiping down every part of the screen, seat controls and table tray. We use an electrostatic sprayer that electrostatically charges liquid disinfectant, creating static charged droplets that seek out surfaces in the aircraft. We’re using it on every part of the cabin—side walls, window shades, inside the overhead bins. Full coverage. 

I’m so proud of my job, knowing that I can assure people when they travel. When I see people boarding an aircraft I’ve cleaned, it makes me smile because I know they can travel confidently. I want a passenger to be able to fly, making a memorable experience and feeling safe doing it."

- Sundeep, Cabin Environment Quality Lead Technician, Air Canada

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