Sue - People of Pearson

"As Director of Airport Operations, my team and I are responsible for the delivery of the day-of operation. We make sure things go to plan each day. That means troubleshooting to keep people, planes and bags flowing.   

My whole family worked at Pearson. My dad ran the airport bars and restaurants. He even tried to get me to have my wedding in the old Terminal 1 restaurant, Runways.  

I started here in 1985, in concessions. From there, I worked my way up. Ten years learning the ropes with Canada 3000, then I became the Terminal 3 Supervisor—back when the terminal was privately operated. In 2002, I moved up to become an Airport Duty Manager and performed that role until 2015. 

I’m an airport junkie and the saddest thing is to see the life of this vibrant place taken away. However, there is an incredible amount of time and energy being spent to make sure people feel safe here. We are passionate about our airport and we have an unrelenting drive to get our passengers back in the sky.  

Airlines, government agencies, ground handlers, cargo operators—we’re all here because we love the industry. We’re going to get through this, with health and safety as top priorities."

- Sue, Director of Airport Operations

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