Phil - People of Pearson

“I’m a Platoon Chief at Toronto Pearson’s Fire & Emergency Services department. I started here as a firefighter a little over 22 years ago and worked my way up. Our frontline firefighters are out there daily, interacting with passengers and airport workers on emergency calls—providing care. As a Platoon Chief, I am there to support them on more dynamic calls, including aircraft incidents or car accidents.  

At Pearson we have a communicable disease plan. We went through SARS and that plan was tested and proven during that time. We train and practice so that we can continue providing care and staying safe. We are very diligent with our personal protective equipment, minimizing the potential for transmission of COVID-19, both within the fire hall, the airport community and at home.  

We’re here to provide round the clock protection for the airport community and its passengers. With the drop in passenger traffic right now, it isn’t as hectic as it usually is, but we’re always ready to respond. We’re using this as a chance to inspect our equipment, get ahead on the regulatory work that keeps us ready to respond and to train, staying sharp.”  

- Phil, Platoon Chief, GTAA Fire & Emergency Services 


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