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“I’ve been working in aviation for over two decades. In all those years, what got me up every morning is a desire to make a difference for workers and passengers and community, and to create a little better in the world through aviation. This week, I started a new job here at Toronto Pearson—and it’s a big one. I’m excited to be the new President and CEO of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, leading an incredible team of over 1,600. 

At LAX, I focused on working with airport employees, partners and local stakeholders to modernize the airport terminals, enhance the runways, invest in transit and more. I’m bringing this same focus and energy to Pearson, putting safety and passenger experience at the forefront of everything we do.

My mother was the person who sparked my love for aviation. She put jet fuel in my bloodstream, and I’ve been able to lead some of the world’s best airports because of her influence. As a young woman, she took a big risk and moved from Jamaica to England in search of new opportunities. She had a vision for what she wanted in her life, and she lived boldly and courageously in pursuit of that. She was the ultimate role model to me. 

Airports are an indelible part of my life. Whether you work at one or you travel from one, we all come to the airport to chase a dream. At the GTAA, we’re chasing our dream of being the best. Travellers chase their dreams for memorable moments and connections with new people. We can’t forget the beauty of our airport, because all come here to race towards our own vision of greatness. Every take-off and landing carries hopes and dreams, and I count myself as lucky to have a hand in that. 

While I’ve been a long-time Golden State Warriors fan, I feel the championship spirit and joy of the Toronto Pearson team—and the Raptors, too—and I’m delighted to be a part of that.” 


- Deborah, President and CEO, GTAA

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