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"When a package is dropped off at a local FedEx station, those people are the face of FedEx. We’re the logistics backbone that helps to move that package from a local FedEx employee all the way to its final destination, wherever that may be.

At the FedEx Express Canada YYZ Hub at Pearson International Airport, we’re a centralized hub with a great number of flights arriving or departing daily. As an Operations Manager, I start my day at about 4:30 a.m.—sometimes earlier. It makes for some tough mornings in the winter, especially as we get busier for our peak time over Christmas. 

The freight is offloaded into the facility, scanned, weighed and distributed into new containers and packed onto trucks or aircraft, depending on where it’s going. We do a number of sorts in the morning, sending out packages for delivery in waves. Then we do  more sorts throughout the day, taking in outgoing freight and preparing it to fly. There are hundreds of people here working to keep packages on time.

I started as a cargo handler at FedEx five years ago. I was heading into Nursing, but it turned out that I loved the culture here. There is a whole system of belts, levers, containers and automated arms that make it possible, but despite the automation, the human factor is hugely important. Each FedEx package is cared for, by our team members, from origin to destination."

- Christina, YYZ Operations Manager, FedEx Express Canada

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