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"I'm a Program Management Consultant at Toronto Pearson. I helped develop the newly enhanced Flight Information Display System (FIDS) and the Baggage Information Display System (BIDS) networks throughout the terminals.

We've introduced what's basically a video wall network, rather than just multiple single screens. We've changed the format, the colours and the font type to make something more appealing to passengers and better for wayfinding.

We are at the forefront for this at Toronto Pearson. We are leading the way with these refurbished networks, rather than modelling after other airports. I’m very proud to show it off and happy it could contribute a large weight towards our second-straight ASQ award for Best Large Airport in North America.

When you're an IT Project Manager, a lot of the things that you do is in the back-end, there's usually nothing to quantify it. But when you're building something and implementing it and you can show it off to people, it’s a huge gratification. It's a great personal achievement but I also take pride in what the GTAA has done with it and their investment towards it.

This is the last year of digital transformation for the FIDS and BIDS networks, as the program is nearly complete. In fact, we’re running out of space to put screens. If you go into Node E in Terminal 1, it’s starting to look like Las Vegas. We’ve put in close to 800 screens in total around the airport. It's been a huge endeavour."

- Chris, Program Management Consultant, IT Project Management Office

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