NRG Health Clinic Closure

Important Notice: NRG Health Clinic Closure

We regret to announce that NRG Health will be ending their services at Toronto Pearson effective June 30. We extend our gratitude to NRG Health for their collaboration and support to DrugSmart Pharmacy and the GTAA community.

NRG Health’s operating hours for June 2024:

  • June 21: 10am to 2pm (In-person)
  • June 28: 10am to 2pm (In-person)

We are working diligently to find new healthcare providers to continue these services at Toronto Pearson. In the meantime, please consider the following alternative health services for your needs:

Pharmacist Consultations

DrugSmart Pharmacists continue to be here to assist with your health concerns, offering prescriptions and other solutions. They can provide recommendations to ease symptoms and prevent them from returning. The pharmacists are well-trained to recognize issues that may need a referral to a doctor or another healthcare provider. There are 19 minor ailments that the pharmacists can help manage, with both scheduled and walk-in appointments available.

Virtual Care Options

Get Maple provides 24/7 virtual care appointments with licensed doctors. While this service is available to everyone, it is not covered by OHIP.

Prescriptions from these appointments can be sent to DrugSmart Pharmacy or another pharmacy of your choice.

Walk-in Clinic

The Etobicoke Walk-In Clinic & Family Physicians, located less than 10km from the airport, offers in-person consultations.

Travel Health Services

Travel Health Now offers virtual travel health consultations. You can receive personalized advice, medications, and travel products from a practitioner, and get vaccinated at one of their designated centers.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this transition. We are committed to ensuring continuous access to quality healthcare services for all travelers and visitors of Toronto Pearson.

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