May 30 - June 5 was National AccessAbility Week

May 30 – June 5 was National AccessAbility Week, a time to promote accessibility and inclusion in the workplace and community. We celebrate the valuable contributions of Canadians with disabilities and recognize the efforts of Canadians actively removing barriers and ensuring persons with disabilities have an equal chance to participate in all aspects of society.

We are on a journey to make Pearson not just a Healthy Airport, but also the most accessible airport in the world, because we believe that every passenger should expect and receive the same seamless passenger experience, regardless of ability, gender, ethnicity, or age. We’re committed to providing a safe, healthy, and comfortable experience for all and are continuously working to improve our services for persons with disabilities. At Pearson, we are proud to offer multiple services and technologies for those who require assistance, including:

  • Aira assistive technology for passengers who are blind or partially sighted 
  • BlindSquare, a pilot project for passengers with sight-loss that is a self-voicing, GPS-based smartphone app for iOS providing passengers information on their location and their surroundings, with messages in English and French
  • Hearing Loops, a special type of sound system for those with hearing aids or Cochlear implants. They work by cutting out unwanted background noise as sound goes directly into the hearing aid
  • LanguageLine, which facilitates audio and visual communications with passengers to who have limited knowledge of English, as well as passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing and communicate through American Sign Language
  • Sunflower Lanyard Program for passengers with invisible disabilities. This program provides a discreet way for passengers to communicate they may need extra help or more time to complete a task while travelling through Pearson
  • MagnusCards, a free app/guide on common airport processes to help persons with autism travel more independently

We would like to thank all our employees who continue to prioritize the passenger experience at the airport every day. Learn more about celebrating this week in Canada on the Government of Canada website.

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