Meet Sue, Customer Experience Specialist at Air Canada

In celebration of our fourth “Best large airport in North America” win and our new “Best hygiene measures in North America” recognition in ACI World’s Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey, we’re profiling the people who made it happen—our employees! Meet Sue, Customer Experience Specialist at Air Canada.

Sue provides customer service at all levels, including at check in and the gates as well as to Air Canada’s Customer Care Team. “I treat people like I would like to be treated. Thanks to that mindset, I think customers feel comfortable speaking with me,” says Sue.

“We try to go above and beyond for all our passengers” says Sue. “A few years back, a couple of women were connecting through Pearson, going to London, Ontario. The poor weather resulted in their flight being cancelled, so we rebooked them on the train out of downtown Toronto. As they were heading out to retrieve their bags, one of the ladies took a fall. After the paramedics checked her out, the ladies were understandably concerned they would miss their train. I told them not to worry as I would drive them to London myself, which I did.”

“It’s great being part of the Pearson family. This ASQ award is a testament to us all working together to take care of our essential passengers,” says Sue.

Thanks for everything you do, Sue!

Be sure to check back each week as we profile a new employee as part of the celebrations around our recent ASQ win. Learn more about our 2020 ASQ award recognitions.

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