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Introducing Toronto Pearson’s new waste sorting assistant

At Toronto Pearson, we take environmental sustainability seriously. We’re already an environmental leader in our industry but always striving to be better. We’re committed to finding innovative ways to better manage our environmental impacts. This includes always looking for ways to divert materials from landfills.   

An ongoing challenge is ensuring waste is correctly sorted at waste bins located throughout our terminals. To help our passengers and airport workers with waste sorting, we’ve partnered with Intuitive AI to pilot Oscar, an artificial intelligence enabled waste bin, in our Terminal 3 food court. The intelligent waste bin has a 32-inch screen and a camera paired with artificial intelligence to identify each item and direct the user where to drop it. Oscar can help with waste diversion and give us valuable insight into the waste we’re generating at Toronto Pearson.  

Look for the Oscar waste sorting station in the Terminal 3 food court and give it a try.

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