Meet Constable John, who keeps our Pearson community safe

In celebration of our fourth “Best large airport in North America” win and our new “Best hygiene measures in North America” recognition in ACI World’s Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey, we’re profiling the people who made it happen—our employees! Meet Constable John from Peel Regional Police.

Peel Regional Officers at Pearson airport provide policing services to the passengers, employees and commercial businesses, helping us create a safe, efficient and enjoyable travel experience. 

“Offering a safe and pleasurable environment to start or end an essential traveller’s journey can go a long way in making great memories,” says Constable John. “The airport can be at times hectic and overwhelming, so it’s really the people who work at Pearson that make the difference. Allowing essential passengers to focus on the most important parts of their journey and avoid inconveniences creates a positive lasting impression.”

When asked why an award recognizing customer service is important to Constable John, he explains: “Travelling is often tied to important moments in people’s lives, whether that’s exploring new destinations, moving or being reunited with loved ones. By offering my help and services, I’m proud to be a part of making someone’s travel experience exciting and not stressful, and in turn creating a happy memory.”

Thanks for everything you do, Constable John!  

Be sure to check back each week as we profile a new employee as part of the celebrations around our ASQ win. To learn more about our 2020 ASQ award recognitions, visit our press release.

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