Infield Concourse gates

The IFC has six bridged gates, washrooms, lounges, information desks, and some retail and food amenities. You will also have access to the shops, restaurants and services in Terminal 3 before boarding the bus to the IFC.

Departing through IFC gates

If your flight is departing from the IFC gates, you should arrive for your flight at Terminal 3.

You will check in, go through customs and security processes, and check and reclaim baggage at Terminal 3.

The only difference is that you will be directed by your airline to the bus bay. From there, you’ll be bussed to the IFC gates.

Busses run continuously for departing flights. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes and you’ll get an exciting view of the airfield in motion from the bus.

Please arrive early for your flight to allow time for transportation by bus. You should plan to arrive at the IFC gate by the boarding time specified on your boarding pass.

Arriving through the IFC gates

When arriving at an IFC gate, you will deplane and be taken by bus directly to Terminal 3 for customs processing and baggage pick-up.

If you have a connecting flight, you’ll be able to follow the connections process through the Terminal 3 baggage hall.

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