GTAA CEO, Deborah Flint meets with U.S. CBP representatives in Washington, D.C.

For passengers travelling from Pearson to the U.S., the pre-clearance process allows them to clear U.S. customs here, instead of at their destination. This provides a convenient travel experience and facilitates travel to some U.S. airports that have limited or no customs capacity, allowing U.S. airports and locations to receive international visitors.

Like many things connected to air travel, the number of U.S. CBP officers located at Pearson was affected by the pandemic as travel decreased significantly. As travel begins to recover between now and the end of the year, Deborah travelled to Washington to speak with representatives about ensuring that as the fourth largest port of entry by air to the U.S., Pearson has the resources and capacity needed to handle expected increases in demand.

While in Washington, Deborah also visited the Canadian Embassy and met with Senator Shelley Moore Capito of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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