Improving regional transit

Growing road congestion in southern Ontario is impacting our region's economic competitiveness. For Toronto Pearson to play its role as a global gateway, we need to be able to get passengers and goods to their final destination, rather than sitting in gridlock on our highways.

Toronto Pearson has the potential to connect the broader region and greatly reduce road congestion. We are located in the middle of the GTA, touching three of the largest municipalities in Canada, right next to a GO Train corridor and near multiple transit lines, with more planned in the future.

A second major transit hub

Estimated growth in aviation demand over the next couple decades means that Toronto Pearson needs more space for passenger processing. It plans to build a new passenger processing facility that could also serve as a major transit hub — “Union Station West” — which would help improve access to the airport and will also allow for more passenger processing than it can handle today.

Benefits of “Union Station West”

  • Reduce commute times
  • Connect people to jobs
  • Reduce pollution
  • Improve access to the airport to meet growing demand for air travel
  • Increase ridership and allow for more frequent, convenient service

Implementing our plan

“Union Station West” could quickly connect existing bus services in the near future, easing travel to surrounding regions. Design work for Union Station West is already underway and we are working with Metrolinx to study potential transit connections to Pearson. The first phase of the facility is expected to open by the late 2020s.

Stay up to date

Learn more about our plan for Union Station West. We'll be sharing updates at key milestones throughout the process, and offering easy ways you can get involved or show support for this project.