Seeking accreditation and excellence in safety

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) has initiated a new program - the Health & Safety Excellence Program (HSEP). Companies that enroll can work towards full accreditation of their Health & Safety program as well as earning rebates as they progress.

Food and beverage operator HMS Host has made accreditation a focus this year:

“It was a challenging year, and our main focus was COVID safety and our business within the airport but I worked on our submission at the intermediate level and will continue to participate,” said Dannielle Ball, HR Business Partner, HMS Host. “I am on the advisory committee for WSPS and have the great opportunity to assist in the development of projects for small business in Ontario. I aligned myself in the program through the WSPS group after attending a seminar at their facility where WSIB rolled out the program.”

The Toronto Pearson Safety team also recognizes the importance of accreditation:

“Despite the global pandemic and extreme challenge to implement our Healthy Airport program, the GTAA felt strongly that we should join the HSEP.  It is an impactful way we can ensure our program is getting better while keeping our employees safer at work,” said Todd Browne, Manager, Occupational Health and Safety, GTAA. “I encourage other employers to join and together the TP community can continue to our improvement journey. The rebate is also a good way to fund our Health & Safety initiatives.”