Count on

Count on our airport to be a global hub and a North American gateway, connecting Canada to opportunity.

Because that’s what our region, the country and millions of international travellers need us to be.

Connecting Canada to Opportunity

Count on Pearson to be a catalyst for trade and commerce, with regular direct flights reaching nearly 3/4 of the global economy.

Because Canadian enterprises need worldwide connections to grow, diversify and stay competitive.

Connecting our Region to Prosperity

Count on Pearson to grow the regional economy, facilitating more than 330,000 jobs and directly employing nearly 50,000 people.

Because the connections we provide drive business expansion, investment and economic growth.

Strengthening our Communities

Count on Pearson to strengthen our communities with integrated transit solutions, environmental initiatives and programs to build social well-being.

Because this is what it means to be a mega hub: not just providing connections but helping to advance economic growth, sustainable development and access to opportunity.

Constantly Improving our Airport

Count on Pearson to deliver a great travel experience, building on our #1 quality ranking among North American airports.

Because travellers expect us to get them where they’re going smoothly, safely, comfortably and reliably.