Connecting Our Region to Prosperity

6% of Ontario workers have jobs linked to our airport

More than 49,000 people work at Toronto Pearson, and the economic impact of our operations facilitates about 332,000 jobs across the region. By expediting trade, helping to attract investment and providing a convenient gateway to Canada and the entire continent, we also generate significant employment in our own backyard.

As the economic engine at the heart of the Airport Employment Zone – Canada’s second-largest employment cluster – Toronto Pearson contributes to productivity right across the country, linking Canadian businesses with markets, commercial partners and investors worldwide. Studies show that each time we extend daily service to another international destination, it adds an estimated 400 jobs to the Canadian economy.

Toronto Pearson’s impact on employment will continue to grow over the next decade and beyond. Based on current projections, we’ve forecast the following metrics for 2030:

As a mega hub, Toronto Pearson not only connects Canada to the world – we connect Canadians to livelihoods and future opportunities.

$23 billion in FDI

Economic studies estimate that Toronto Pearson generates or facilitates $23 billion annually in inward foreign direct investment (FDI), and $25 billion in outward FDI.

Helping careers take flight

Most people want a job that enables them to reach their full potential. For airport employees who work directly for the GTAA, we’ve put in place programs to foster individual and collective success. Having achieved our highest-ever employee engagement score in 2018, we seem to be on the right path.

For people living in our surrounding communities, we’ve reoriented our community investment program to focus on breaking down barriers to meaningful employment. The Propeller Project champions on-the-ground solutions to underemployment by directly investing in local organizations that nurture talent and connect people to the right opportunities.