The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) manages and operates Toronto Pearson International Airport. It is a unique work environment in a global, vibrant and exciting airport community. Toronto Pearson is the largest airport in Canada and one of the largest airports in North America in terms of passenger and air cargo traffic. We employ more than 1,100 people directly, while another 40,000 employees work at Toronto Pearson within our airport community.


    Our people are passionate about their work and strive to provide the world's most welcoming airport experience. We service more than 400,000 flights a year and over 36 million passengers annually. When you consider that Canada's population is roughly 35.3 million, that's more than our entire country! Working together as a team, our people bring great ideas to life and create a positive experience for our customers.


    We know that each employee is unique, and how each person achieves their career goals is as individual as they are. At the GTAA, there are a broad range of career development opportunities waiting for you.