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  • Score Us A Name Contest Winner

    Congratulations to James Convery, the winner of the Score us a Name Contest!

    James, a GTAA employee, had one of 290 submissions to name the new sports apparel and memorabilia retail store. James scored $300 to spend at the store, in addition to the chance to be an ALL-STAR ambassador at the store’s ribbon cutting event this fall.

    The winning store name is, “The Scoreboard” and is sure to give James bragging rights each time he or a friend travels through Terminal 1.

    The Scoreboard will feature officially licensed products, jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more, from the Toronto Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors, Argos, Toronto Rock, and Marlies, enticing die-hard sports fans and out-of-town travellers looking for authentic piece of Toronto sporting goods.

    The Scoreboard will open in Terminal 1 this fall.



  • Eye on Safety Newsletter

    Read the latest Eye on Safety newsletter, published by the Toronto Pearson Safety Program.

    This edition features the results of this year’s Safety Climate Survey, information on Suspicious Sam, and real life examples of the safety reporting cycle in action. Please share this newsletter with your colleagues. For information on how to receive printed copies, email TPSP@gtaa.com.

    The Toronto Pearson Safety Program is an airport wide safety and security program. Our vision is zero injuries and is supported by the concept that all injuries and accidents can be prevented.



  • New baggage carts have arrived

    The GTAA, with support from our partner CIBC, is introducing 5,000 brand new baggage carts on August 1. These new carts will replace the existing 3,200 SmarteCarte baggage carts. Throughout August and September, the baggage cart management team will be testing the new carts for user experience, ease of access, location, technology and maintenance.

    Free baggage carts have been a welcome service for passengers, and now that they’ll all be brand new, we expect an even higher demand. Passengers are able to leave their carts where it is most convenient for them, which may make it harder for the next passenger to find one.

    If you see loose, unattended carts in the terminals or parking garages, please consider:

    • Returning carts to the nearest corral
    • Moving carts out of passenger pathways if there is no corral nearby
    • Calling Terminal Maintenance at 41-776-3055 if you see an empty corral or too many loose carts gathered in an undesignated place

    Thanks in advance for your help in making this important new service a success.

  • Tips for making the NPS process faster and easier:

    • Always expect to be screened
    • With your assistance and cooperation, the screening officer can be as efficient as possible
    • Anticipate a bit longer time to get through employee access doors to the restricted areas

    Enhanced Non-Passenger Screening at Toronto Pearson

    The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) is enhancing Non-Passenger Screening (NPS) capacity across Canada to ensure the air transportation industry remains secure, competitive and in line with international standards.

    What’s new?
    As of July 14, 2014 Transport Canada legislated changes for Non-Passenger Screening (NPS) requirements. Both CATSA and the GTAA recognize that this could increase the time it takes to conduct screening; in an effort to ensure an efficient NPS process, locations of employee access points were reevaluated.

    Over the coming months, you may see relocations and closures of employee access doors in both terminals to accommodate queuing space and screening machinery that may become necessary to streamline the NPS process.

    How will Enhanced NPS affect YOU?
    NPS will be at every employee access door, meaning more airline and airport tenant employees will experience more frequent screening during the course of their working day.

    Screening procedures will remain more or less the same; screening officers will check your RAIC and screen you and your possessions according to the prohibited items list. Tools and materials of the trade are evaluated by screening officers as appropriate to your work order. Liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) are subject to screening, but are permitted in volumes reasonable for the day.

    All employees must comply with screening and security rules as a condition of their employment – it’s the law. If you refuse to be screened, the CATSA screening officer will ask you to surrender your RAIC, which means you cannot enter or remain in the restricted area.

    For more information on Enhanced NPS, speak with your employer or contact CATSA.
    Online: www.catsa.gc.ca/non-passenger-screening
    Phone: CATSA at 1-888-294-2202.

  • Let’s Rethink Terminal 3.


    The Terminal 3 Enhancement Project will revitalize your airport experience with state-of-the-art upgrades and amenities designed to move you. This five-year project will rejuvenate the terminal facility and will be complete in 2017. #ReThinkT3 

    Departures Floor Resurfacing

    The installation of the new terrazzo flooring (similar to the floors in Terminal 1) in the pre-security Departures Hall has begun. In July, this project will move into the second work zone for floor resurfacing, located curbside from the most westerly vestibule to just before Tim Hortons. During this work, the women’s restroom located near the Entrance to the USA will be out of service. The closest alternative is located near the escalators to the Sheraton Gateway Hotel.

    Area 1 – Departures Level East Screening Point and International Arrivals Area

    In July, work will begin to create a new and improved screening point at the east end of the terminal. This new screening point is an important step in the Terminal 3 Enhancement Project as it will become the main passenger screening point during a later phase of construction. To accomplish this, both the Departures Level and the Arrivals Level directly below,will be impacted.

    • Departures Level East Screening Point (near the 500 series check in counters)
      • The current screening point will be inaccessible and covered by construction hoarding.
      • The check-in counters, over-sized baggage drop off, chapel, police offices, and the Relay store on either side of this area will remain in operation.
    • International Arrivals Area
      • Passengers exiting the baggage claim through CBSA without need for secondary screening are now exiting through a new and temporary door that brings them to the International Arrivals Area. This does not impact the routes of connecting passengers or passengers directed through CBSA's secondary screening.
      • The railings in the meet-ers and greet-ers area in International Arrivals have been rearranged to delineate the new passenger flow.

    Stay in the know about the Terminal 3 Enhancement Project

    As the Terminal 3 Enhancement Project progresses, you’ll see construction hoarding popping up in many different places terminal wide. Find out where the work is happening and what the work entails through bulletins, e-newsletters, briefing sessions, mock-ups, posters, and information on this page.

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please reach out to community.engagement@gtaa.com or call 416-776-5739. If you would like to receive updates specific to the Terminal 3 Enhancement Project, please sign up.

  • Wi-Fi upgrades beginning at Toronto Pearson

    What’s happening?

    In Terminal 1:

    • We're replacing all the existing wireless access points (a device that allows other wireless devices to connect to our wired Internet network - similar to Wi-Fi hot spots) with all new access points. The new access points have improved technology and range for better connectivity and strengthened signals as you move through the terminal.


    In Terminal 3:

    • To improve Wi-Fi service in this terminal while the Terminal 3 Enhancement Project is underway, we're installing more of the existing access points. Coverage and connectivity will increase because there are more access points, however they will have the current wireless technology.
    • Once the enhancement project is complete, T3 will receive new access points with the new technology.


    When will this happen?

    The upgrades will be phased in, with work beginning July 15, 2014 in Terminal 1. Work in Terminal 3 is expected to begin in late July and August.

    • This work will be completed in zones; once a zone is complete, Wi-Fi service will change over to the new upgraded wireless infrastructure.
    • Work will occur Monday - Thursday nights from midnight until 4 a.m. People in those areas may experience a disruption to service as the team works overnight.


    How will passengers connect?

    Logging in is exactly the same. Passengers will be prompted to connect through the same authentication page used in the past.

    How will tenants connect?

    Tenants' Set Service Identifier (SSID) will now be called YYZ Tenant. Each tenant group currently using Toronto Pearson Wi-Fi through an SSID has received detailed instructions including how to access the new infrastructure using device ID’s and passwords which have been provided to tenant managers.

    Tenants who have their own Internet hubs will continue to use their own service. Tenants who use public Wi-Fi will experience no change in authentication for the Internet.

  • Reminder: Customs Controlled Areas at Toronto Pearson

    Starting April 28, 2014, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will begin enforcing regulations relating to Customs Controlled Areas (CCA) within Toronto Pearson.

    What is a CCA?

    A Customs Controlled Area (CCA) is a designated area where there is a likelihood that airport employees and departing domestic travellers come into contact with international travellers or goods that have not yet been cleared by the Canada Border Services Agency.

    How will CCAs affect YOU?

    Airport employees in a CCA may be questioned, searched or examined while within or when exiting a CCA. CCAs will have little impact on employees who access these areas for valid purposes.

    For more information on CCAs, read the pamphlet and questions and answers, speak with your employer or contact the CBSA:

    Online: www.cbsa.gc.ca
    Phone: 1-800-461-9999
    1-866-335-3237 (TTY)

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