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    Stay in-the-know about airport-wide programs, events, and initiatives as part of our Employee Community Engagement Program. Together, we can continue to make Toronto Pearson a great airport and a great place to work.

  • Welcome CIBC

    We are pleased to announce that all CIBC branches and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are now open in both Terminals 1 and 3 at Toronto Pearson. Our multi-year partnership with CIBC, which was announced in December 2013, establishes this iconic Canadian national bank as our Exclusive Financial Institution Sponsor.

    We are committed to improving customer service and in-terminal amenities for both our passengers and employees and this partnership embodies that commitment. CIBC clients and Toronto Pearson passengers and employees benefit from access to CIBC ATMs and branches, among other offers within the terminals.

    To align with our commitment to employees, CIBC offers special benefits for employees who work for partner companies, tenants, and other agencies at Toronto Pearson.

    Please join us in welcoming CIBC to Toronto Pearson and visit a branch to learn more about the special offers available to you.

  • Toronto Pearson Winter Readiness

    Following the operational disruption that occurred in January 2014 due to unusual winter weather, the GTAA conducted a review of how Toronto Pearson functions during irregular operations and what happened during that weather event specifically. In April, we shared the January 2014 Operations Disruption: Review and Recommendations report explaining the 12 Recommendations to improve Toronto Pearson’s operations and customer service.

    Thanks to the collaboration and support from our airport partners – air carriers, NAV Canada, CBSA, service providers, and more – and the hard work of Toronto Pearson employees, the GTAA is pleased to announce that the implementation of the 12 Recommendations is now materially complete.

    As always, safety – for our employees and our passengers – is our utmost priority. We’re continuing to welcome all feedback, ideas, and suggestions from employees. Connect with us by:

  • Toronto Pearson Safety Climate Survey

    At the beginning of the year, the Toronto Pearson Safety Program surveyed airport employees to find out their thoughts and attitudes about safety and security at Toronto Pearson.

    Now that it’s the end of the year, we want to see how far we’ve come toward our vision of a zero injury airport. Help us find out by filling in our annual Safety Climate Survey that features 12 scaled opinion and short answer questions.

    Here’s how you can get involved:

    • Toronto Pearson Safety Program representatives will be out in high-traffic employee areas from December 1 - 5 administering a safety survey in person; please take a moment to stop and speak to them.
    • If you don't run into a representative, you can fill out the survey online until December 12, 2014.

    We want to make sure this survey is representative of all employee groups at Toronto Pearson – be sure to pass it along to your colleagues!


    Contact Your Toronto Pearson Safety Program Team at TPSP@gtaa.com.

    The Toronto Pearson Safety Program is an airport wide safety and security program. Our vision is zero injuries and is supported by the concept that all injuries and accidents can be prevented. 

  • Eye on Safety Newsletter

    Read the latest Eye on Safety newsletter, published by the Toronto Pearson Safety Program.

    This edition features the results of this year’s Safety Climate Survey, information on Suspicious Sam, and real life examples of the safety reporting cycle in action. Please share this newsletter with your colleagues. For information on how to receive printed copies, email TPSP@gtaa.com.

    The Toronto Pearson Safety Program is an airport wide safety and security program. Our vision is zero injuries and is supported by the concept that all injuries and accidents can be prevented.



  • Tips for making the NPS process faster and easier:

    • Always expect to be screened
    • With your assistance and cooperation, the screening officer can be as efficient as possible
    • Anticipate a bit longer time to get through employee access doors to the restricted areas

    Enhanced Non-Passenger Screening at Toronto Pearson

    The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) is enhancing Non-Passenger Screening capacity across Canada to ensure the air transportation industry remains secure, competitive and in line with international standards.

    What’s new?
    On November 28, 2014, Toronto Pearson is implementing the first phase of Non-Passenger Vehicle Screening (NPSv) as you enter the airfield from the perimeter.

    Vehicles and people will be screened separately. This means that if your vehicle is screened, you will park and exit the vehicle. CATSA screening officers will then examine your vehicle; occupants and their belongings will go through a screening process similar to the NPS process in the terminals.

    How will NPS and NPSv affect YOU?
    Non-Passenger Screening (NPS) and Non-Passenger Vehicle Screening (NPSv) are regulations of Transport Canada and are the law. Anyone who refuses to comply with NPS and NPSv will be asked to surrender their RAIC, meaning they cannot enter or remain within restricted/sterile areas.

    Screening officers will check your RAIC and screen you and your possessions according to the prohibited items list. Tools and materials of the trade are evaluated by screening officers as appropriate to your work order. Liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) are subject to screening, but are permitted in volumes reasonable for the day.

    At Toronto Pearson, our priority is safe travel. When you comply with NPS regulations, you help keep your airport coworkers and passengers safe.

    For more information on NPS and NPSv, speak with your employer or contact CATSA.
    Online: www.catsa.gc.ca/non-passenger-screening
    Phone: CATSA at 1-888-294-2202.

  • Reminder: Customs Controlled Areas at Toronto Pearson

    Starting April 28, 2014, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will begin enforcing regulations relating to Customs Controlled Areas (CCA) within Toronto Pearson.

    What is a CCA?

    A Customs Controlled Area (CCA) is a designated area where there is a likelihood that airport employees and departing domestic travellers come into contact with international travellers or goods that have not yet been cleared by the Canada Border Services Agency.

    How will CCAs affect YOU?

    Airport employees in a CCA may be questioned, searched or examined while within or when exiting a CCA. CCAs will have little impact on employees who access these areas for valid purposes.

    For more information on CCAs, read the pamphlet and questions and answers, speak with your employer or contact the CBSA:

    Online: www.cbsa.gc.ca
    Phone: 1-800-461-9999
    1-866-335-3237 (TTY)

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