• YYZ Live

    Canada’s largest airport is at the heart of many Canadian travels: the first place newcomers touch our soil, the front door to a Toronto adventure, and the gateway to our great nation. This summer, visitors to Terminal 1 can enjoy YYZ Live, a musical celebration with 150 performances from 75 local artists in honour of Canada's 150th birthday.

    Performances are free and open to the public, running from June 26 to September 15. Visit the YYZ Live stage in Terminal 1, International Arrivals, or the YYZ Live acoustic stage on the Terminal Link train platform.

    • 7:00 p.m. daily – YYZ Live stage, Terminal 1, International Arrivals
    • 8:00 p.m. daily – YYZ Live acoustic stage, Terminal Link train platform
    Zhang Di

    Zhang Di

    August 21

    Zhang Di is an emerging and promising young yangqin virtuoso who is active in the Toronto’s music scene and undergoing an ethnomusicology Master’s program at York University. Accepted as a member of the Chinese Nationalities Orchestra Society in China at the age of seven, she enrolled in the primary music school of China’s Central University of Nationalities and began learning yangqin professionally from virtuoso Xue Shu and studied yangqin performance at university, receiving regular yangqin lessons from acclaimed professor Xili Gui. As a student, Zhang won numerous awards and scholarships, including the top award for dulcimer performance at the first ICAF national instrument contest (Singapore 2010) and the “Hua Yi Award” for best musical performance (Macao 2005), and was a member of Beijing’s Central Orchestra of Ethnic Minorities.

    Moving to Toronto in 2012, she joined the Toronto Chinese Orchestra (TCO) and is a guest performer and instructor of Amigu di Macau, while performing regularly with the Toronto YueFang, Toronto Chinese Orchestra and Melody of Bamboo Ensemble. In addition to yangqin performances, she has also performed Chinese drumming at a range of large-scale events. In 2015, Zhang played yangqin on the Grammy Award-nominated album by Ron Korb, Asia Beauty.

    Dedicated to and passionate about the promotion of yangqin music, Zhang aims to pursue higher education in Canada, while continuing to perform, teach, and share Chinese music with different cultures.

    Eric Arthur Blair

    Eric Arthur Blair

    August 22
    Pop Punk


    EricArthurBlair, Toronto’s progressive pop punk princesses, were conceived through their undying love for Hayley Williams. Beginning as an instrumental group, 2015 saw the addition of Pat Hamilton’s enticing and poetic lyrics and the release of their first album So, Shall We?.

    Spending the next year honing their sound, they released a second self-titled album in the spring of 2017 and plan on releasing an EP in the spring of 2018. The EP will also feature two remastered songs off their first album.

    Goodnight Sunrise

    Goodnight Sunrise

    August 23
    Indie Rock


    Toronto-based Goodnight, Sunrise seamlessly blends anthemic indie pop with brooding synth rock, while the frenetic energy of the band breaks down the barriers between stage and audience. Honest and soulful lyrics pour out through the voices of David Kochberg (guitar) and Vanessa Vakharia (synth/keytar), with harmonies that ebb and flow with each other over the pulsing and thunderous rhythms of Paul Weaver (drums).

    Claudene Neysmith

    Claudene Neysmith

    August 24

    Claudene is a singer/songwriter and poet with diverse musical interests and a songwriter with an eclectic vision. A graduate of Howard University College of Fine Arts, she has performed on stages large and small, indoors & outdoors NY, LA, Toronto and several other States in-between. Recently challenged by a sidelining health concern, this performance will mark her triumphant return to the stage in the face of adversity while still attending therapy. She’s glad to share a more classic styling of original tunes with you today and always whether the audience is 1, 21 or 101. The joy of sharing her light through music has always and will always bring her joy. This performance today is one of new doors opening and challenging fears. Claudene hopes that some light of courage will be ignited in you to do what makes you happy regardless of any nay-sayer who tells you that you cannot succeed or even in the face of challenging roadblocks (financial, health, spiritual). Go for it! Be about it! Live!



    August 25
    Celtic Folk


    NUA is an award-winning innovative new trad trio, bringing a fresh and unique sound to traditional music, creating their own distinctive original compositions, balanced with traditional and contemporary tunes drawn from Irish and Scottish traditions. Based in Toronto, Canada, NUA consists of three award-winning members: fiddle player James Law, guitarist Graeme McGillivray and bodhrán player Jacob McCauley. The interaction between the three is what really makes the music shine, whether it be their soaring melodies or tasteful grooves.

    The original tune-writing of NUA gives their music its groundbreaking, adventurous quality, as demonstrated on their debut album BOLD. Bordering on progressive, while hinting at the traditions of the past, NUA’s compositions will take you on an exhilarating journey, creating an atmosphere and mood unique to the listener. The trio is also well known for their exciting incorporation of odd time signatures and polyrhythms, which give the music an electrifying lift and spontaneity. ""Inventiveness abounds and the interwoven nature of some of the arrangements is impressively daring. They challenge you with an album that is creative, questioning, and inventive in equal proportions."" (Tony Lawless of TradConnect)

    Beige Shelter

    Beige Shelter

    August 26
    Indie Rock


    What are the main attributes that separates humans from machine? They are feelings, emotion and blood. Being human is like a palette of the colour beige; from which all emotions can be drawn and painted: there are happy emotions such as joy (yellow), love (pink), hope (peach) as well as darker emotions such as anger (red), depression (blue), apathy (black) and so forth. Music is shelter for bandmates Neel Modi, Tom Kuczynski, Karan Sabharwal and Aditya Aman; as they passionately paint these emotions through a variety of songs that range from delicate melodies to raw intensity.

    They are Beige Shelter. They express their own take of the trials, glories and tribulations of life in a sincere, earnest way.

    Fresh off their debut ""Rumours We Make, Paths We Take"" released in November 2016 on all digital music services and streaming (iTunes, Spotify to name a few), this band takes pride in sharing their message of being human across the GTA! Having played at prestigious venues such as the Opera House, Lee's Palace, The Mod Club, Cameron House to name a few, Beige Shelter seeks to spread their musical wings across Ontario and potentially more!

    In March 2017, Beige Shelter played their album release party to a capacity crowd of 200! This party also served as a fundraiser for Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto where $1000 CAD was contributed towards the progression of mental health awareness and activity. As well in May 2017, they released a single in support of Mental Health Awareness ""Light Your Way"" that has been a part of their set lists ever since!

    Be sure to catch them as they continue to play shows this year - you will be moved by the songs and find yourself grooving to their music.



    August 26
    Indie Rock


    Richard “ Ricky “ Tait aka Kondriah is a Toronto based MTV recording artist from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, the rich cultural east end of Toronto.

    The alias “Kondriah” derives from the biological ""mitochondria"". Scientifically explained as the ""powerhouse"" of the cell"", more simply stated where the cells get energy. Energy is not created or destroyed, only changes form. Kondriah adopts the name to honour the flow of this universal cosmic energy that’s within all.

    The connection between our place in the universe and music is unmistakable. Kondriah represents this energy.

    Kondriah’s fascination with this unifying cosmic force, coupled with his vantage point as a first generation Canadian of Jamaican heritage, allow his fans to understand his artistic philosophy. Kondriah is revered as a diverse lyricist. He credits this to absorbing material from wide range of talented artist throughout different periods in time. His creative versatility allows him to captivate audiences who appreciate genres ranging from Reggae, and Hip Hop, to RnB, and EDM. His style makes use of all these elements of all and more, the result of a wonderfully inspired fusion.

    The source for this inspiration continues to be that vibrational resonance that brings forth and nurtures a collective harmonious energy. As such Kondriah draws upon a spectrum of stimulation, from nature, to music, to everyday encounters.

    On his mission, one of Kondriah's goals is to evoke the same feeling in his listeners that powerful music has awakened within him.

    A dynamic performer who loves to engage his crowd. Interaction and fan participation are focal points of his live shows... After all.. Kondriah is all about the ENERGY!

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