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    Toronto Pearson International Airport is creating a special Residents' Reference Panel to help guide us through the next phase of our growth and ensure that we manage the impact of our operations responsibly.

    We hope that you will volunteer to be one of 36 residents from the regions of Durham, Halton, Peel, Toronto, and York to work with us as we consider:

    • How the terminals can grow to accommodate more passengers
    • New transit options that can serve the airport and region
    • Our approach to managing and mitigating noise
    • New commitments to engage and inform area residents about our operations
    • Strengthening our environmental sustainability programs

    For more details, download the invitation letter and FAQs.

    What is a Residents’ Reference Panel?

    A Residents’ Reference Panel is a forum of randomly selected volunteers who work together to represent the interests and perspectives of their communities as they provide guidance to not-for-profits, governments, and public agencies.

    Learn more about the selection process and how each neighbouring community will be represented

    Why is this Residents’ Reference Panel taking place?

    As global demand for air travel continues to increase, Toronto Pearson is poised to become one of the world’s next top-tier international airports, serving upwards of 80 million passengers per year in the next 20 years. This will create new jobs for area residents and facilitate investment, trade, and tourism.

    With this potential waiting to be unlocked, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA)—the organisation that operates Toronto Pearson—understands that open and honest communication about airport growth and the challenges it poses is essential to being a good neighbour. The Residents’ Reference Panel will learn about the options that exist to address these challenges and ensure Toronto Pearson grows sustainably into the future.

    What would I do as a member of the Residents’ Reference Panel?

    Members of the Panel will meet during two Saturday sessions in May and June 2017 and two Saturday sessions in September 2017. They will hear from aviation experts and local stakeholders and learn about the opportunities for and implications of growth at Toronto Pearson, as well as the factors that influence aircraft noise. Members of the Panel will then help provide recommendations to ensure that Toronto Pearson’s future growth takes into account the priorities and concerns of area residents.

    How do I become a member of the Residents’ Reference Panel?

    In April 2017, an invitation to volunteer for the Residents’ Reference Panel was mailed to 20,000 randomly selected households throughout the GTA. If you received this invitation in the mail, you can register by the deadline of May 18, 2017, by either:

    • Calling us at 1-844-788-5803
    • Registering securely online
    • Mailing back the candidate response card enclosed in the invitation package you received in the mail

    On May 19, 2017, a special draw will be conducted to randomly select the members of the Residents’ Reference Panel from among the respondents to this letter. This random selection process will also ensure that the Panel is balanced to match the gender, age, and population profile of the region, as well as proximity to the airport.

    How else can I get involved?

    If you did not receive an invitation, you are unable to volunteer for the panel, or you register to volunteer but are not selected, you can stay involved by:

    For more details, download the invitation letter and FAQs.