Your commute costs more than money

Statistics Canada looked at the experience of drivers commuting in major cities. What they found was interesting.

Smaller cities around Toronto like Barrie, Oshawa and Hamilton all averaged the same commute times. With an average of approximately half an hour, many drivers from these cities are above average.

In Toronto, 11% of car commuters spend over an hour on one-way trips to work. That much time in a car costs more than the price of operating and maintenance.

Studies show that longer commutes are associated with poorer physical and mental health outcomes.
Statistics Canada, Results from the 2016 Census: Long commutes to work by car

Drivers of private vehicles are more likely to be negatively impacted by their commute than public transit users.

Commuting impacts

Research shows that long commutes can have serious mental and physical health concerns. Impacts include:

  • increased risk of vehicle accidents
  • greater exposure to particulate matter
  • higher blood pressure
  • chronic stress
  • lower sense of well-being
  • less sleep and physical activity
  • strain on family relationships

Union Station West

Building a new major transit hub at Pearson Airport would help ease road congestion and give you a new commuting option.

It means better transit networks and a healthier commute for drivers who switch to public transit. People who continue driving can save time on clearer roads and reap the benefit of a better driving experience.

Union Station West could be the thing that cuts costs on your wallet and your personal life. Are you on board? Find out how you can help.

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