Pearson is a major employer in the region

There are almost 50,000 people who work at Pearson. From weather forecasters to groundskeepers, and from emergency personnel to construction engineers, Pearson has an incredible range of professionals and workers including:

  • NAV CANADA air traffic controllers who oversee the movement of airplanes;
  • employees at more than 200 food, retail, or service locations;
  • more than 4,000 baggage handlers who lift 80,000 pieces of luggage a day;
  • cleaners who keep nearly 5.7 million square feet of floors and 456 public bathrooms clean;
  • firefighters at our three firehalls; and
  • security staff and Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) agents who screen passengers and their luggage.

Our People of Pearson feature highlights the diversity of roles at Pearson while shedding light on what goes into running Canada's largest and busiest airport.

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