WhyYZ – How is the airport being kept clean?

The WhyYZ series is a helpful guide that answers questions about your experience at our Healthy Airport. We feature experts from across the Toronto Pearson community, answering frequently asked questions so that when you’re ready to travel, you can feel confident that we’ll help you do it safely.

Today, we’re talking with Rupi, Manager of Terminal Services and Standards.

Hi Rupi. How do robots make it easier for workers to keep Pearson clean?

Autonomous floor cleaners are in operation throughout the terminals to clean and disinfect floor surfaces. Each day, the robots clean and sanitize around 186,000 square feet of terminal building flooring—that's nearly 11 NHL-sized hockey rinks!

Importantly, technology such as autonomous floor cleaners also frees up staff to focus on other areas of the airport. We have worked closely with our cleaning partner, Dexterra, to develop an enhanced cleaning regimen that includes not only continuous cleaning of high-traffic areas, but also a rapid response team equipped to provide in-the-moment cleaning support anywhere in the airport.

Learn more about other innovative cleaning measures we’ve implemented.

How are you keeping your washrooms clean?

For everyone’s safety, we’ve implemented more frequent cleaning of our washrooms using high-disinfectant cleaning measures, such as fogging machines. We’ve also introduced more touchless fixtures and other advanced technologies in our washrooms.

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