Pearson's economic impact

Nearly 50,000 people work at Pearson. The area around our airport is the second-largest employment zone in Canada, with nearly 330,000 jobs directly or indirectly connected to our operations. That’s more jobs than the central business districts of Montreal, Vancouver or Calgary!

We serve more than 180 destinations, linking Canada to roughly 70% of the world’s economies. This allows businesses to access the people and resources they need to thrive.

By making it easier for people and goods to move seamlessly to and from the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), we contribute more than $42 billion to the province’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) each year. In fact, more than 6% of the province’s GDP is connected to Pearson. Within a decade, that contribution is expected to grow by 50% to $63 billion annually.

The connectivity of an airport can significantly improve the economic and social growth of the area surrounding it. If the airport is doing well, the communities around the airport are doing well. At Pearson, we are working towards improving our surrounding communities as our airport grows. 

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