WhyYZ – What's different about checking in at Toronto Pearson?

The WhyYZ series is a helpful guide that answers questions about your experience at our Healthy Airport. We feature experts from across the Toronto Pearson team, answering frequently asked questions so that when you’re ready to travel, you can feel confident that we’ll help you do it safely.

Today, we’re talking to Faiyaz, the GTAA’s Manager of Air Carrier Program Development.

Hi Faiyaz. What’s different about checking in at Toronto Pearson?

To make your experience easier, touchless self-serve check-in kiosks and automated baggage drops are available in both terminals, which allow you to move quickly and seamlessly from the curb to security.

Remember, Terminal access is restricted to passengers with a boarding pass or itinerary for same day travel and airport employees only.

Contactless Priority lanes enable priority passengers to quickly scan their documents and proceed through security. To learn more, visit our Ready to Travel page.

Why did the airport make the check-in process touchless?

We’ve made changes to the check-in process in order to minimize the number of contacts people need to make as they move through the airport. For high touchpoint areas, such as escalators, moving walkways and handrails, we continue working hard to ensure they are kept thoroughly sanitized round the clock. As you travel through our airport, we’ll be there to help you do it safely. Have a great trip!

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