What happens when there is a bird in the terminal?

There are more than just airplanes flying at Pearson. The nearby Etobicoke Creek provides a long, undisturbed stretch of bird habitat, and sometimes our feathered friends even find their way inside the terminals.

Once inside Canada’s largest airport, it can be a little tricky for them to find their way out.

The answer is yes, we will be able to get that bird and all other birds back outside where they belong. Whether indoors or outdoors, Pearson has implemented one of the most comprehensive and innovative wildlife management programs of its kind in Canada.

Through ethical trapping, the wildlife team will safely capture the birds and release them outdoors at a safe location, keeping everything with wings in and around the airport flying safely.

If you happen to see a bird in our Terminals, please call 416-AIRPORT or tweet us to let our customer service team know.

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