WhyYZ – How can I be sure the airport terminals have good air ventilation?

The WhyYZ series is a helpful guide that answers questions about your experience at our Healthy Airport. We feature experts from across the Toronto Pearson community, answering frequently asked questions so that when you’re ready to travel, you can feel confident that we’ll help you do it safely.

Today, we’re talking with Danny, Manager of HVAC and People Moving Devices.

Hi Danny. How can I be sure the airport terminals have good air ventilation?

We’ve increased filtration in the HVAC systems in our passenger-facing buildings, such as the terminals, as well as our employee- and tenant-facing buildings. This is in addition to providing more fresh air rather than re-circulating it. All our filters are now MERV-13 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value), meaning they can capture more minute particles.

Why did you decide to use UV-C light in your air handling units? What does it do?

Historically, this technology has been predominantly used in the healthcare setting given that UV-C light is capable of killing virtually any microbe, including viruses. The UV-C light arrays installed in our HVAC system help to keep the air handling unit and the air clean, thereby preventing contamination from being introduced into the air stream in our terminals.

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