Why is Pearson stepping up to advocate transit?

The airport is growing. To accommodate growing demand for air travel in the region, we need to provide better options to get here.

We're located at the crossroads of three major municipalities. A second regional transit hub at Pearson has the unique opportunity to make it easier to get to the airport as well as connect the region and improve access within the Airport Employment Zone lands around the airport.

Moving goods

Pearson Airport is an economic driver for Canada, Ontario, and our region. The airport attracts foreign trade and investment. It also facilitates nearly 50 per cent of the country’s air cargo, with about 80 per cent in the belly of passenger planes. 

Road congestion at and around the airport threatens choke a major trade corridor, making it difficult for vehicles to travel through the West GTHA and threatening trade that relies on carriers to move their goods.

A transit hub at Pearson will reduce congestion. 

Moving people

We're at the heart of the second largest employment zone in Canada. This area is a transit desert, making it difficult for workers to reach their jobs at and around the airport. 

Currently, almost a million trips are made to the Airport Employment Zone daily, mostly by single-driver cars, and less than 10 per cent by transit. 

Nearly twice as many West GTHA commuters travel across the top of the GTA (the Northern Arc) to North Toronto and York region than to downtown Toronto. Despite the demand, taking transit across the Northern Arc is inefficient. More than 60 per cent of transit trips require at least one connection, with more than 20 per cent requiring two or more. 

A transit hub at Pearson will enable easier, more efficient transit options for the region. 

Competing globally

Today, Union Station serves as the GTHA’s only major ground transportation hub. Globally, about 90 per cent of US and Australian metropolitan areas with populations of 5 to 7 million have at least two major ground mobility hubs.

Leading global airports like London Heathrow and Amsterdam Schiphol have more than 35 per cent of trips made using public transit, as compared to Pearson’s 13 per cent. 

As our region continues to grow, we need to follow international best practice and build another regional ground transportation hub. 

A transit hub at Pearson will keep people and goods moving in our important economic region. 

Supporting economic development

Pearson’s air and ground connectivity will act as both a generator and attractor of economic activity. 

We’ve seen airports with good transit connectivity, such as Schiphol, Frankfurt and Heathrow, become magnets for jobs and head office locations, resulting in increasing adjacent land values. 

A transit hub at Pearson will keep our region moving and thriving.

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