On June 26th, the Canadian Airports Council is inviting airports across the country to celebrate the inaugural Airport Workers Day.
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Pearson is using UV-C light to disinfect the air you breathe

Historically, this technology has been predominantly used in the healthcare setting given that UV-C light is capable of killing virtually any microbe, including viruses. The UV-C light arrays installed in our HVAC system help to keep the air handling unit clean, thereby preventing contamination from be introduced into the air stream in our terminals.

We've already installed CleanSlate UV devices in our terminals, and they're free to use as a means of safely disinfecting your personal electronics. We've also installed UV-C light units on selected high-touch handrails of people movers and escalators so you can safely hold the handrails with confidence. Our introduction of UV-C technology in our HVAC systems is the latest innovation in our ongoing Healthy Airport transformation.

Learn more about Healthy Airport and the steps we’re taking to make your airport experience a healthy one.

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