The evolution of air quality monitoring at Toronto Pearson

If you’ve passed through the terminals over the last year and a half, you may have noticed that our outdoor air quality monitoring trailers have been repurposed to monitor in-terminal air quality. In combination a with suite of enhancements to our HVAC system, including new filter installation, improved airflow and the addition of UV-C light disinfection, monitoring air quality is an important part of our layered approach to keeping passengers and employees healthy.

We’re pleased to announce that we’re moving to an in-terminal monitoring system that will allow for the outdoor trailers to be used for their original purpose. This evolution is indicative of the importance we place on air quality monitoring—the new system integrates more seamlessly with the rest of our in-terminal systems and gives us the opportunity continue making incremental improvements in the months and years ahead.

With this enhancement, we’re also introducing a new portal where you can check our in-terminal air quality at any time. The link will be available as soon as the transition is complete, so please check back or follow us on Twitter.

The next time you visit us, breathe easy knowing that we’re keeping a close eye on the air quality in our terminals. Learn more about our Healthy Airport program and the many other ways we’re prioritizing your health.

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