Top five summer travel questions

1. I lost something at the airport. How do I get it back?

Our Lost and Found office is located at Terminal 1, Ground Level, between doors R and S. It is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm every day. For faster service, we strongly recommend that you visit the Lost and Found office in person. If that isn’t possible, fill out a lost item form . All lost items are securely stored in the Lost and Found office for 30 days from the date the item is turned into us.

Please note that the Toronto Pearson Lost and Found Office will not be able to assist passengers who have lost passports, Nexus cards, items on airplanes (including lost luggage) or items on the UP Express train.

If you have lost a travel document:

  • Passport: All lost passports found at the airport are turned into the Canada Border Services Agency. Please contact them at 905-676-5380, their dedicated number at Toronto Pearson.
  • Nexus Cards: All lost Nexus cards found at the airport are turned into the Nexus office. Please contact them directly at 905-676-3477

If you have lost an item:

  • Items lost on an airplane (including lost luggage) are handled by the airline directly.
  • For items lost on the UP Express, you must file a Lost and Found report on the UP Express Lost and Found page.

2. My baggage got lost/damaged in transit. Who do I talk to?

At Pearson, all baggage handling functions are carried out by your airline. If you need help finding your checked baggage that did not arrive on your flight, or to report damaged baggage, contact your airline directly.

3. What can I take as carry-on for my flight?

Security screening services are provided by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA). For restrictions on items allowed in your checked and carry-on luggage, use their online reference tool, What Can I Bring?

For more information on what you can bring in your luggage, contact CATSA directly at 1-888-294-2202.

4. Where can I store my bags pre-security if I have a long layover?

Baggage storage is provided by Excess Baggage:

5. Who provides mobility assistance for passengers at Pearson?

Mobility assistance is provided to all passengers at Pearson by their airline.

To arrange for assistance during your time at Pearson, contact your travel agent or airline directly at least 48 hours prior to travel. Find the customer service phone number for your airline.

Air Canada passengers

Air Canada passengers who need mobility assistance can use the passenger drop-off area at the departures curb, Post 21, and airline check-in at Aisle 8.

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