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Snow removal at Pearson

We use state-of-the-art equipment to keep the runways clear so planes can land and take-off safely during winter. If snow is in the forecast, we make sure extra staff are scheduled and equipment is in position so we’re ready to roll as soon as the snow falls.

We use a combination of specialized airport snow-clearing equipment and everyday snow clearing machinery that you might see on your local roads.

To clear our runways, snow crews arrange for a time slot to use the runway in between arriving or departing aircraft. For this sensitive maneuver, we deploy a dedicated team that plows and sweeps the snow to the runway’s edge.

This year, one of our five runways is closed for the winter to help reduce the amount of maintenance and snow clearing required. As there are fewer planes coming in and out of Pearson, we’ll be able to safely handle flights on our other runways without issues. 

If you’re travelling this winter, it’s important to know that snow, ice and extreme cold weather can impact flights. 

Make sure to always check your flight status before leaving for the airport and monitor the weather forecast a few days ahead of your travel date.

Did you know?

On average, between 110 to 130 cm of snow falls here each winter, but we work hard to make sure our runways and roads are safe and ready to get you on your way.

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