Snow removal

What does Pearson do to prepare for snowfall?

We use sophisticated weather monitoring to help us predict the timing and amount of snowfall. Before any snow event, we make sure to schedule extra staff and position equipment so that crews are ready to roll as soon as the snow falls.

Throughout all our snow clearing operations, the safety of our passengers and employees is top priority, and is factored into all our decisions about snow clearing at Toronto Pearson.

How do we clear the snow while maintaining the flow of aircraft?

The key is planning and coordination.

We use a combination of specialized airport snow-clearing equipment and every-day snow clearing machinery that you might see on your local roads.

In the areas where planes and equipment are working at gates, snow is:

  • Pushed to the outer edges
  • Loaded into dump trucks using large snow blowers or melted in portable snow-melters
  • Move the snow in dump trucks to other locations at the airport where it is left to melt naturally

To clear our runways, snow crews arrange for a time slot to use the runway in between arriving or departing aircraft. For this sensitive maneuver, we deploy a dedicated team who plow and sweep the snow to the runway’s edge.

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