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15L/33R runway resurfacing

The majority of this project has now been rescheduled to 2020, with only limited sections of taxiway work expected between April 25 and mid-June, 2019.

Project details

After further study, the majority of this project has been rescheduled to 2020. Further assessment has shown that 15L/33R still meets industry standards and safety regulations. Instead, limited taxiway restoration will be completed between April 25 and mid-June, 2019.

While taxiway work is completed, the runway’s condition will be regularly monitored. In the event that 15L/33R requires a full resurfacing, the original plan can still be completed during Fall 2019, if necessary.

The significantly reduced schedule of work will create fewer changes to the everyday experience of our neighbours and passengers, however, there still may be some temporary impacts felt.

If you have concerns about aircraft noise, they can be directed to the GTAA’s Noise Office at 416-247-7682 or to the online noise complaint form.

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