People of Pearson - Manveer

“My name is Manveer and I’m a Mobile Enforcement Officer with Paladin Security. 

“I’m responsible for enforcing the parking and idling rules for the public at the airport, which includes a level of customer service, giving friendly reminders to the public what the policies are to make sure everyone stays safe and things move along. 

“I also help people inside the terminals - including directing passengers and helping to coordinate wheelchair assistance, among other things - there can be a lot of questions to answer, but I try to help people find their way as much as possible. 

“Recently, an elderly couple was separated from each other in the terminal, and I had to jump in to help. My supervisor and I took the gentleman’s details and were able to locate his wife shortly after, reconnect them and get them on their way in a taxi. It felt really good to see how relieved and grateful they were. 

“I love working at the airport. I’ve always loved travel and being able to help people, which is what brought me here to the role I have today. I understand travel can be really stressful for some people, so I want to help them feel more comfortable.”

- Manveer, Mobile Enforcement Officer, Paladin Security

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