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People of Pearson: Darielle

“My name is Darielle and I am a volunteer with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) Welcome Team, Toronto Pearson’s volunteer program. I have been with the team since 2016 after retiring from the financial services industry.

“The GTAA Welcome Team members come from different backgrounds, places and professions. In a typical day in my role, I greet passengers throughout the terminals, help them find their way to the check-in counters, their gate, restaurants, and other airport services. I also help answer basic inquiries.

“I find it most rewarding to be able to assist the passengers through enhancing the overall passenger experience, as well as creating a memorable experience as they journey through Toronto Pearson. All passengers appreciate the service; I see it in their warm parting smile or receive it in their heartfelt thank you.

“National Volunteer Week recognizes volunteers in all industries. I encourage everyone to volunteer at some point in their life since volunteering is very rewarding; you are contributing positively to society in your own way in the facet of life which is of interest to you.”

- Darielle, Welcome Team member, Toronto Pearson

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