People of Pearson - Maxine

"My name is Maxine and I am a Driving Airside (DA) Security Escort with AAI Solutions. I have been with the company since 1998 and at Pearson Airport since 1991. I am responsible for escorting individuals without a security access card into the restricted areas to allow them to complete their work tasks.

"Working at Pearson Airport is a fantastic experience because of the variety of things you are exposed to. There are so many positions available that allow a person to grow and gain a lot of valuable experience. Fortunately, within AAI, I have been able receive my Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit (AVOP), which has allowed me to work outside on the apron at Pearson while still picking up shifts inside the terminal. Working with AAI has given me the opportunity to work in all areas of the airport. If you need a Pearson geography lesson, reach out to AAI! We’ve seen it all!

"Helping my coworkers learn the ins and outs of Pearson Airport is rewarding. I also take great pride in following AAI’s motto of Leading by Example and supporting our clients with a high standard of customer service. I also really enjoy working inside the terminals and having interactions with the passengers, providing assistance wherever I can. There is always something exciting happening at Pearson!

"Sometimes working in the airport can be challenging in certain weather conditions. As a Security Escort, especially operating on the airside, it is extremely important that we understand how to navigate the airside in a safe manner, regardless of the conditions, and that we adjust our driving actions based on the environment in front of us, be it heavy snow, fog, nighttime operations and more. I make it a part of my daily routine to check the weather so I can best prepare myself for my upcoming workday.

"Without our job function, all the construction workers who support Pearson’s growth would not be able to access their worksites and operate in a safe environment. We are the eyes and ears of safety at the airport, especially on the airside. I take great pride in supporting the growth of this airport while ensuring the safety of my colleagues and clients, and I look forward to doing so for many years to come!"

- Maxine, DA Security Escort, AAI Solutions

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