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“My name is Socrates and I’m an Operations and Maintenance Manager for SNC-Lavalin at Toronto Pearson’s cogeneration plant. I have a marine background, having served in the Indian Navy for almost 27 years, retiring as a Commodore in 1999. I came to Canada after retiring, meeting a lot of Canadian Naval Officers here before I went on to attain my licence as a chief operating engineer, something that’s required especially at a world-class power plant. I’ve been at the plant since 2006.

“I joined the Navy as a Naval Officer after I graduated and they trained me to become a marine engineer given my education. The ships I served on sailed all over the Indian and Atlantic oceans, performing various marine exercises. One of the best things in my life was my service in the Navy; everything I learned has helped me here in Canada. We had to learn to be very independent and solve problems on our own. It also taught me how to be an effective leader and how to command respect, as opposed to demanding it.

“It’s so important that we remember everything that was fought for, as it’s a big reason we get to live the lives we have today. The poppy represents these sacrifices. There may not be a world war right now, but people are still serving in so many areas so that we can all enjoy a better life, and that is why Remembrance Day is important to me.”

- Socrates, Operations and Maintenance Manager at SNC-Lavalin (current) and Commodore, Indian Navy (retired)

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