Alex - People of Pearson

"My name is Alex and I’m one of the operations support staff at Peel Region’s mass vaccination clinic at The International Centre, working 8-hour shifts, five days a week. 

At the clinic, the team and I are welcoming screened individuals into the building, checking that they meet the eligibility criteria before they get their vaccine and then making sure they have their second dose appointments. 

It’s going really well. There are some hard days, but most have been very rewarding. It’s been so nice to see how excited people are to come into the clinic and get vaccinated. I was too young to work during the SARS outbreak, but now that I’m older and I get to be a part of the help, I get to see how much work the community has been putting in to try and fight this—to come together and to get these people vaccinated.

The most challenging part was in the beginning when eligible populations were more condensed and specific; we had some people showing up with booked appointments who weren’t eligible and we had to turn them away, and that was difficult.

My favourite part is just seeing how happy people are when they leave. They’re grateful for this. We’ve even had people leave us letters. It’s really nice to see how thankful everyone is." 

- Alex, Operations Support Staff, Peel Region

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