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"My name is Steve and I’m the Manager of Environmental Services at the GTAA. My team is responsible for many of the environmental initiatives at the airport. One important thing we’re working on right now is the release of our new environmental policy, which will be aligned with some of the leading scientific expertise in the world. It’s something that will put us in good stead as an environmental steward.

One of my favourite parts of my role is being able to work with so many different teams—whether it’s airport operations, finance, risk or human resources—it’s really eye opening to be involved in so many areas. 

From an environmental perspective, the airport has a lot to be proud of. There has been a lot of great work done over the years and we continue to build on those foundations. The airport is determined to become greener in the months and years to come, so it’s exciting to be a part of what comes next on that front. There are so many different players and moving pieces in a complex operation like Pearson, so that presents both a challenge and an opportunity to affect change. 

Moving forward, there’s going to be a lot of focus on reducing emissions and waste, and I think we’ll be a leader in that space. We’re taking a long-term approach, including targets for 2050, so there will be incremental steps along the way but every step is so important in the overall journey." 

- Steve, Manager of Environmental Services, GTAA

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