Lou – People of Pearson

“I’ve been working at Toronto Pearson for over forty years, many of those in deicing. Today, I work for Inland Technologies, which specializes in airport environmental services, focusing on supporting deicing operations.

Pearson’s Central Deicing Facility (CDF) has large collection tanks located under the deicing pads. All of the aircraft deicing fluid that is sprayed drains into those tanks, along with melted ice and snow—we call that effluent. Inland has a facility at the CDF that prepares the effluent to be recycled.
Our proprietary technology separates glycol from water by heating the effluent to very high temperatures so that the glycol can be separated. From there, we create a concentrated glycol solution, the majority of which we distill into new certified Type I aircraft deicing fluid. We also use it to produce our own certified aircraft lavatory freeze protection fluid. We call it Flight Bloo. 
In all my time here at the airport, it’s amazing to see how Toronto Pearson has transitioned. As an Air Canada employee, I grew up in old Terminal 2. I watched the construction of the new terminals, and have witnessed first-hand the growth of all of the new facilities. Working in aviation has taken me around the world, so I feel lucky to have been able to advance and have this unique experience. 
It’s the jet fuel, it just gets in your blood.”

– Lou, Director of Operations, Inland Technologies

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