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“I began working at the GTAA five years ago as a passenger service representative. Prior to that, I worked at Jet Airways, as well as Service Air, before they became Swissport. 

I work with amazing people at the airport. When you need help, they will be there. They value our work. This job motivates me to grow and create a perfect experience for our passengers and to make a difference. Any act of kindness for passengers who are in need helps make a positive impact. I admire our culture at the GTAA; it makes me more ambitious and driven to work for a company that has great values.

A typical day for me involves working the call centre, answering social media inquiries from passengers and helping manage safe practices among essential travelers, such as physical distancing. Some days are tough because you want to help everybody, but you can’t help them all at once. 

The best part of my job is meeting the passenger—either the one in need or the one just passing by. Whether it’s a missed flight or someone with a language barrier, we are always busy helping. It inspires me and makes me want to do more. That being said, the most challenging part is when I am unable to help someone if it’s something out of our control. That part is tough. 

Our role as passenger service representatives is very complex. We are always on the ground as the frontline for passengers. It requires a lot of genuine kindness and empathy towards others; you need to see them as yourself before you can help them. When a conversation with a passenger ends with them thanking me for helping them, that makes me happy.”

- Halima, Passenger Service Representative, GTAA

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