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“I’ve been at Toronto Pearson since 1998. When I started with Consolidated Aviation Fueling, I wasn’t an aviation fan; it was just a job. Over the years, I learned the dynamics of the aviation industry, which in turn made me want to keep progressing at the airport.

Today I’m a Manager of Operations, Airside/Groundside, also known as the MOAG. My duties include ensuring the safety and efficiency of airside operations, as well as overseeing the day-of operations and regulatory compliance of our runways, taxiways and apron operations.

I keep my ears open at all times to capture information and stay ready to respond to an emergency situation as the Incident Commander. Toss in snow, rain or poor visibility and that’s the best part of my day. I like resolving issues as they arise because it makes for an interesting workday.

I was working in 2005, during the Air France incident—I was a safety officer then. It was chaotic, but my colleagues came together, and I remember the teamwork, close coordination and—ultimately—the success of the operation. 
Looking back to where I started my career here, I see that every day you spend in aviation, you appreciate the great opportunities and the knowledge you gain. I look forward to what’s next. 

- Alvin, Manager of Operations

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