Helen - People of Pearson

“Just like Police and Fire department call centres, Toronto Pearson has call takers and dispatchers working in Airport and Security Operation. I was one of them.

Airport call takers and dispatchers receive information about a situation, understand it and then dispatch the correct resources to deal with it. They could be dispatching police, fire, medical, tradespeople and a multitude of other resources—maybe all to the same event. But it always requires someone to be picking up the phone, radio or intercom, ready to send the right help.

We recently launched Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). CAD is a software system that makes dispatching faster and more efficient by automating part of the work that dispatchers do. Not only are they able to work faster and more more efficiently, but we can now review incidents and learn more from them, because CAD creates exceptional records of our response. 

This technology is incredible and it puts us on the same level as major police and fire call centres. It eliminates miscommunication, it keeps us in constant contact with our responders and it guarantees a faster response time when help is needed. That makes passengers and workers at Toronto Pearson safer.”

- Helen, CAD System Administrator, GTAA


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