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“As an Environmental Technician, I conduct water sampling around the airport, helping to protect the environment. My first job at Pearson was in the terminals as a Passenger Service Representative, because I speak four languages—including Polish, Spanish and French.
On the Environment Team, we collect and analyse water samples as part of our storm water management program, looking for any chemical contaminants, particularly the glycol used to deice aircraft at the Central Deicing Facility (CDF).
The CDF has a sophisticated drainage and collection system, which collects the glycol so that it can be recycled. The Environment Team is the safety net, monitoring the wetlands and waterways around the airport. We use four storm water management facilities to contain and safely divert any contaminated water away from the creeks that border us into the appropriate sewer system. We monitor weather forecasts in real-time so that we’re always ready for rain or snow melt that could impact stormwater levels.
Deicing is much more common in the winter, so we’re water sampling daily to safeguard the environment from glycol and other contaminants. Working with the CDF and other key stakeholders, that’s how we protect the community around us.”

- Anna, Environmental Technician, GTAA

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