Charlene - People of Pearson

“Being a Zone Manager for Paradies Lagardere’s retail stores, every day is different. No matter what the day brings, the best part is always meeting new people and giving them excellent customer service.
I love customer service because I’m a people person. I’ll happily go above and beyond for passengers who come to shop at the airport. It’s not just me, either. Recently, a colleague of mine ran from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 to bring a specific product to a passenger. To everyone on our team, the most important thing is customer satisfaction.
This holiday season, things will look different. Managing multiple outlets in my zone, I’m so used to a fast-paced environment where I’m always re-ordering products, remerchandising the stores and coaching associates. Now, it’s slower, with fewer passengers. But I get to spend more time with our customers, too. We feel more togetherness, because the rush isn’t there anymore. 

Knowing that our shoppers may not get the chance to shop the way they’re used to, it’s important to me that they continue to experience excellent customer service at Paradies Lagarde and that they get sense of enjoyment from shopping again.”

- Charlene, Paradies Lagardere, Zone Manager

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