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"I oversee the operations of the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems and the PMD (people moving devices), ensuring they run smoothly to provide comfort and passenger flow in the terminals. In the new world of COVID-19, my job focuses on finding and implementing new technologies to stop/reduce the spread of the virus and make the air and surfaces safer and cleaner for passengers and employees.

We’ve recently increased filtration in the HVAC systems in our passenger-facing buildings, such as the terminals, and our employee-facing buildings. This is in addition to providing more fresh air rather than re-circulating it. All our filters are now MERV-13 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value), meaning they can capture more minute particles.

As for people moving devices, we have installed UV (Ultraviolet) lights on specific units in order to help eliminate any virus particles which could potentially live on the handrails. We will be constantly testing and working to improve the efficiency of these measures.

When looking at how we can progress and what ideas to implement, we’re in constant communication with our colleagues with other airports to bounce ideas off each other. Our goal is to be ahead of the curve, applying many measures first and serving as an example for other airports.

I feel a lot of pride in being part of a team that works to improve the health and safety of the airport. As we continue to look to the future, we are striving to adapt and improve in order to keep the passenger experience and employee environment as healthy and safe as possible."

-Danny, Manager, HVAC & People Moving Devices  

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